Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm a writer, but not by my choosing. You see, I didn't know I was a writer. I've never had aspirations to be one. Never considered having a New York Times Best Seller (which I don't), but still, it wasn't something I had always done. About five years ago I began sending little emails to people with encouragement or a funny story. Turns out, they liked it. I switched to trying my hand at Bible studies. That worked too. Then to a book. Sure enough, it was published. Which brings me to this blog.

This is me. This blog reflects my intense desire to teach the Word of God. I learned about 8 years ago that m gifts from God were the ability to read, discern and teach the Word to others. I know I'm not the best, or the smartest, but I know that this is what I love and I will do it as long as He allows!

Here is where I hope this will be the place for me to get out some of my "preachy" moments! You see, my greatest thoughts come when I'm in the shower. I know, weird, but true. My kids have even heard me talking in there and wondered who I was talking to. So now, my soapbox moments are coming to you! My hope is that I can pour nuggets of truth into others from the comfort of my own home.

I am a stay-at-home, home school mom with a huge desire to write and teach and pour into the lives of those I might not otherwise come in contact with. I pray that this blog will be an inspiration to you as I write my musings over this thing we call Christ-following. I pray you come with me and walk on the hard road, the road with seasons of difficulty and ease, pleasure and pain, joy and heartbreak. But, most of all, I pray you discover that this is the ONLY road to freedom.

And, of course, on this road we wear a pair of sassy stiletto's!!

If you are interested in me coming to speak at any ladies event, please click on the Contact button and shoot me an email! I do love to talk too!

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