Friday, May 2, 2008

Chapter Four Recap

I hope you had an amazing week this week!

For things to ponder over the weekend, keep in mind what we learned as we studied Daniel four!

Monday - We give testimony of what God has done in our lives, just like King Nebby did. He gave information as to what happened, but he was very clear on the glorious wonders God had done for him. Let us be mindful that when we give testimony, we tell more of God's wonders, than our blunders!

Tuesday- When using our testimony we can live out what God has done for us. The world yearns for people of character and integrity. As followers of Christ, we can give them that! Live your testimony.

Wednesday - We learned why King Nebby had such consequences to his sin. It was because he rejected the word of the Lord. It's the same reason the Israelites were in captivity. Let us be humble to receive the word of the Lord and be changed by it.

Thursday - And finally, we studied that the Lord will discipline those He loves. We might not like it, but it will always be for our good and for changing us into the image of His son, Jesus!

My Stiletto Army comrades, live your life out loud this weekend! Be humble to the Word. Allow God to do any kind of work He might need to do in you. You might find you look more and more like Jesus! And a good thing.

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