Friday, May 9, 2008

Daniel Chapter 5 Recap

What an awesome week! I love learning and studying the Word of God! Keep in mind these things. Tuck them away in your heart and mind and be changed by the living Word of God!

Monday - God is not popping in and out of our lives. He is constant. He IS. Remember that we have a limited perspective. And even though we do, let us remember that God is active in our lives and his "suddenness" might only be when we see His hand at work.

Tuesday - We learned of the great love God had for His temple and how this love and affection is now transferred to His new We display the Name of God. Let us honor Him in every way.

Wednesday - As temples of God we take on the characteristics of all the articles of the temple. The one we learned about was the lampstand. We display God's glory, show His power, and are a light to the world.

Thursday - The final and most glorious Lampstand is JESUS! He fills us in every way and shines through us the glory of God. We are walking Menorahs!

Have a beautiful, light filled weekend in God's Spirit!


Summer said...

Just wanted to let you know I think you're great!

deleise said...

Good week Natalie!