Friday, May 16, 2008

Daniel Chapter 6 Recap

What a great chapter!

Let's go back and tuck inside our brains the highlights of the week.

Monday - We looked at how Daniel was placed in a position of leadership where people had to answer to him. This was to keep the king from suffering loss. We too can live our lives in such a way that we live out loud for God. Mind you, let us not get caught in the trap of thinking we have to be perfect. No, let us live a life for his glory, not ours!

Tuesday - Persecution comes in all ways to all types of people. For those of us in America it varies, but usually doesn't result in death. Thank you Jesus. But, we must stand strong. Be active in our faith and live the life God calls us to live, not society.

Wednesday - Looking outward to a global perspective, we can use the prayer and cry of King Darius to pray for missionaries and others around the world who suffer grievous persecution. "May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!" We can be an active part in the lives and freedoms of believers all around the world.

Thursday - Our barbaric yawp can be heard!! We face a lion everyday that we must never let our guard down to. Our God, whom we serve continually, will rescue us from the mouth of the lion every time!

Live your life for Christ! Live it well. Remember those who have left everything to take the gospel and pray for them. And finally, remember that God saves those he loves!

Thanks you God, be glorified in our lives!

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