Friday, July 11, 2008

Temple Trackback

I'm going to take today to pause and recap all we've been talking about and then next week we'll wrap up the entire study. This will give you time to go catch up on any you may have missed. I warned you this could go longer than 10 days! And there is much more to look at next week, then we'll end with a bang!!

All the Trimmings: This day we began to unpack the real Temple and look at the contents inside. There was even a picture of the Tabernacle! (oooo and awwww here.)

Glory In the House: Here we saw how the wonder of the glory of God fell on the Temple and how we too share in the the indwelling of the Glory of God in us!!

When He Comes Down: Here we talked about the amazing truth that God enters our Holy of Holies when we get out of the way!

You Have Jewish Roots, Sister: This day was fun talking about how Solomon dedicated the Temple to God; the first Hanukkah! We too get to dedicate our "temples" to God every day.

New Testament Awesomeness!: There is a red thread of grace that connects the Old Testament covenant with the new. We unpacked the Temple pieces and talked about how each piece represented a fulfillment in the New Testament.

You Might Not Like This Post: If God now lives in us, then our entire body must be dedicated to him. That means we must take a look at how we treat our physical bodies as well as our spiritual "bodies." gerr

Now, Where Did I Put My Bible: When the Temple was neglected too long, King Josiah wanted it fixed! Amazingly, the priests came across the Book of the Law! We talked about the importance of keeping the reading of the Word of God a daily practice in our lives.

It Can Get Nasty People: The people of God made some big mistakes and ended up in captivity. Our enemy is not unlike King Nebuchadnezzar when it comes to being ruthless against the people of God! We talked about how we can come against him in Jesus!

Now, go catch up if your behind and come back next week as we finish our study on the temple!!

Have a great weekend!

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