Monday, August 18, 2008

New Week New Study!

Have you ever felt like God was sitting there tapping His foot and looking at His watch waiting for you to get things right? You know, waiting for you to be all those things the Bible wants you to be?

Man, I have.

But, what we will find as we study EPHESIANS that what God IS doing is getting down in the work with you so that you BECOME so many wonderful things, mainly, you become more and more like His Son.


You may be a testimony to the greatness of God in this world.

How's that for an introduction!?

I'll give you some bits and pieces of Ephesians before we get started so that you can know where we are headed and what to look forward to.

Over the next few days, (you know I've learned not to put a time frame on these because I never stick with it) but, in these next days here's some of the things we'll discover, talk about, and get all excited over...

Ephesians has an eternal vision set plainly before the Believer, but has an uncanny way of teaching us to keep our attention fixed on the practical ways of life in Christ.

There is a heavy message of Authority:

Christ's Authority
-over us
-over all things
-over the enemy

Our Authority
-in Christ
-over our sin
-against the enemy

Ephesians expresses a calling to the church as a whole, which is obviously made up as individuals to each become like Christ and to express to all authorities the mystery of Jesus.

There is an incredible hope-filled way to maturity in Jesus laid out in this book.

This book instills hope, power, strength, encouragement, and even pride in who are are in Christ.

This powerful book will make you want to RISE UP as it elevates the Believer in Jesus!

Take time to read through the book tonight. Look for themes and things that you find encouraging. Be in prayer as we open this book together and pull out riches!! It's packed full of so much stuff that we're going to eat it up like a bowl of chocolate ice cream without the fat!


Jess said...

I heard about Ephesians this weekend in church...guess this means I need to study it if everyone is talking about it!

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I am learning about in my own quiet time - looks good, my dear!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to continued study with you! And, yes, I do often think of God tapping His foot at me! But it'll be great to discover how He's really on His knees teaching me.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

Looking forward to stepping it up with you.

Kim Heinecke said...

I'll be here too!