Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I Do

Before I go to my final-final point, some of you have wanted to know what I do on a daily, practical basis. I've noticed that many of us deal with the daily discipline of meeting with Christ and how to incorporate different tools in our quiet time.

I'll give you my little two cents on what He and I have come up with.

In the beginning it started with me and a journal I got from Becky Tirabassi. I saw her at a conference about 8 years ago and I heard one thing stand out...

Make and appointment with the King and keep it.

That was it. That was the turning point for me and my walk with Christ. Mind you, I stumbled here and there and cancelled many appointments or didn't show up for our scheduled time together. It was all over the place. There would be days when I would sit with Him for hours when the girls were sleeping. And I would do that for many days in a row.

Then, there would be times where a week or two would go by. Mountains of guilt would come upon me and I would feel like I was always going back to square one with Him. I struggled with feeling like I was in any kind of relationship at all.

I had the journal format from Becky and I loved it. It was exactly what I needed to get started.

Over time, those infrequent days grew less and less. My charting of days paid off. Years later I read a book called Grace Rules. Again, a life changer. I had no idea I lived much of my spiritual life by rules rather than relationship.

My quiet time took another turn. I began living out life with Him rather than calculating the days I'd sat down and prayed.

I eventually stopped using Becky's outline and began to own my own organic relationship with Him.

Many things have been uncovered: sin, character, gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses, passions, purpose.

All of this because I showed up for my appointment every day. He was always there. And He still it.

Today, I grab my cup of coffee, journal and Bible and find time to sit and chat and read. Now it's rare that I go more that one or two days without actually journaling. There is never a day I go without Him.

Ladies, this is a relationship. He calls to you to make an appointment with Him...and keep it. There is no greater relationship on earth. No other relationship can give you hope, wisdom, joy, and the ability to love more than you do naturally.

Do what it takes to build in a discipline of meeting with Him. He will give you grace and mercy every time You come to Him.

Over time, you too will find that you have become someone who meets with Him every day. And, over time, when you miss those days, THAT's when you feel weird. The missed days become the thing that stand out to you, not the days you met with Him. No, those will become the norm.

He will become the norm.


Jess said...

I have always heard it takes 21 days to build a I committed to 30 days of power of a praying wife, and reading the bible and on occasion journalling too...its been around 21 days now and it's true! I now spend time with Him daily and I love this new habit! Might have to pick up Grace Rules...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your routine. It's so great to get inspiration from each other. I used to have a job which required me to get up super early. I was then able to stop at a Caribou and sit with God. Now being home with my daughters I can't seem to get in any such habit. But, I am determined, once school starts, to get this routine down. Thanks again.

Tammy said...

I just wrote about discipline in meeting with HIm. I have been struggling with balance and I know my day needs to begin with HIm. So I am starting on that tomorrow. I journal but I have ot say lately my bible has not been open...which might explain all the mixed up feelings of late. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It gives me encouragement to keep trying and knowing He loves me and so I begin a new.


Anonymous said...

I've been meeting Him every single morning for the past 10 days for coffee and prayer. And I can't imagine my day without that now. (And I have to say, WAY easier to get up for God than exercise! Even if I do like it!)

BTW, I'm passing on a Share the Love bloggy award to you at my blog!

Transformer said...

I'm sitting here wondering... Where should I sit when spending time with God? In what room?

Also, I sit down with my bible and journal and then what?!?!?... How does this start? Do I turn to a certain bible verse? Do I pray first? How do I get started??