Monday, October 20, 2008

Much Fruit. Way Better Than Some Fruit

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

Nothing Nada Zip Zero Zilch

That is what we have when we strive to bring forth in our lives something that only Jesus can give. Certainly, there is so much humanitarian things we can do in our world, but what of humanity things? What of the things that change the fancies of men's hearts? What of the things that tilt the head of the skeptic and raise the eyebrow of the atheist? Could we possibly, truthfully, in our own efforts bring forth spiritual things?

My Tender Branch Friend, no, we cannot.

I do not pretend I have not been one who has most certainly tried to tickle the ears and emotions of those from Jesus with my Christian antics and intellect. I have danced a Monkey dance of piety and judgement and they are left unmoved.

What did Jesus do that was so unique, so different than what I do? Oh, I don't have time to list those details, but what I do know is that what He did to sway men's hearts to love is not far from my reach. Indeed, it is but a bent knee, and humbled heart, an emptied soul away.

The more I abide in Christ Jesus, the more I humble myself to the life altering power of His Spirit in me, the more I will produce only that which the Spirit can provide. Why, in all of my life, do I ever think I can produce fruit can only be produced by the Spirit? My fruit, then, must come off more like wax fruit fit for a painting, rather than the mouth-watering fruit of the Spirit that draws men to the table where they are satisfied, nourished, refreshed, and redeemed.

Only in the resting in the Spirit where we receive the life-giving sap and vitality can we then produce much fruit as the Branch who lives to extend the Vine to all Nations.
You see to the abiding; He will see to the fruit, for He will give it in you and through you. Andrew Murray, The True Vine


Mary said...

Again, I love this study. I love being reminded that HE produces the fruit - I just have to become more like Him, abide in him, remain in Him and He does all the rest. He doesn't need me to do it. I want to bear MUCH fruit. Yeah. I do.

Tammy said...

This means we must know that God is in control..not us...I so want to bear His fruit so I have to let go...this is not easy

blessings as always

Tara said...

Yes I am realizing I cannot bear this fruit alone.. by myself. I have to rely on God and know he is the giver of this precious gift. Thanks for these wonderful lessons, I'm really enjoying them.