Thursday, April 24, 2008

Giant Chimineas

This is our last day in Chapter Three! I have learned so much!

Let’s finish it up with a bang.

In verse 19 King Nebby turns the heat up as high as it will go because just a regular ol’ fire couldn’t possibly kill anyone. Then, he has the boys bound, fully clothed by the strongest men, who which, by the way, died when they took them to be thrown in…bummer.

In they go. But low and behold…there’s fourth guy in there.

(Just for a mental picture, this isn’t like a home fireplace with three guys squished inside of it. No, this is like a ginormous chiminea.

The fourth guy who showed up in the fire…oh yeah, it was JESUS! (that’s what the experts say anyway)

Just like Him to do something like that. When He hears a challenge like, (read this like a whiny repeat voice we do to someone when we’re makin’ fun of them)Then what god will be able to rescue you from my hand?... nea, nea, nea?”

Oh! …God will rescue, mister!

The question is will He do it for us? Do we have fire? You betcha!

There are two I want to blaze through real quick. Ready?

First of all, we WILL enter trials and “fires.” I Peter says we will suffer grief in all kinds of trials.

Inside Personal Bondage

I’m not talking about circumstances, however, they too are included. I want to address the bondage we put on ourselves, the fires we create and walk ourselves into, or places that burn because they were imposed upon us. What might some of those fiery places be?

Habitual sin

Reiterating yesterday’s point, we must replace the lie with truth. The only way to know the truth is to read the Word…daily.

Ps. 119.45 says, “I will walk about in freedom for I have sought out your precepts.”

That is a powerful verse. We will be free because of the life changing Word in our lives.

That is the kind of fire He will rescue us from every time!

The second kind of fire:

Outside trials, suffering, and regular hard circumstance.

These will come. Sometimes we walk in them, i.e bad money choices, gossip, etc. Sometimes we are thrown in, i.e. family issues, lawsuits, teen troubles.

Here is where we make a decision

Recognize and remember the truth
-He loves me
-He’s with me
-I’m free in Him
-I can trust Him


All the opposite lies the enemy wants you to believe.

I hate to say this, but we can blend the two fires. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN! Don’t let one trial bring bitterness and slander. Don’t let the habitual sin ruin the lives of others around you.

Oh, I know this sounds yucky, but there is always the Man who will walk in and through our fires with us, and walk us OUT!

The guys in Daniel chapter three came out without a burn or the stench of fire on them. That might not be so for us. In our trials we will get burned, produce a few scars and remember it all, but the scar will only make for a really good story about a Fire-Escaping God who rescues those He loves!

Everything I have gone through that was painful has left a scar. I use those scars to tell of the wonderful healing love of Christ. You can do the same, even if you have open wounds from previous trials. Let Him heal you so you can point to your fire scar and tell others of His love.



Robin Meadows said...

I struggled with this point for several years...I know He CAN, but WILL He? It was the question of trusting that what He decided and chose for me was for my very best....even when it didn't seem like it. Now I know...He WILL!

Kim Heinecke said...

Fire: good.

No humor at all in that statement. You know I mean that.