Friday, April 25, 2008


I wasn’t ready to move on to Chapter 4 on a Friday. It just didn’t feel right. So, I thought we would just recap Chapter 3 and pull it all together.

Monday we talked about how if we’re not careful we can set up “idols,” things that come before our relationship with Christ. Take time to make inventory of your life and ask God to show you if there is any idols that need to come down.

Tuesday we talked about how King Nebby’s idol, the god he called on to protect him, was made a fool of by The Protector. We want to make sure we can identify lies the enemy is telling us and be able to know the Truth that would ruin those lies. Take time to ask God to help identify any lies you might be believing. Trust that His Spirit will help you know those things.

Wednesday was a hot topic. The topic of deep, intense faith can be one that really gets us thinking. Do we trust God? If not, what’s at the root? Take time to really examine your heart. Do you trust Him? Do you believe in His love for you that you can put your whole life in His hands?

Thursday was a look at the kinds of fires we can find ourselves in. Are you going through a fire now? Are you in one that you may have walked yourself into? Are you going through something that you have no control over? In both fires you will find the “Fourth Man” with you. Jesus promised that He would never leave us or forsake us. When trials come we need to believe that more than anything. He is faithful. What fire are you in? Will you be willing to believe Jesus is with you and trust Him to see you through it?

I love you all! Next week Chapter 4!


Robin Meadows said...

Love you too! Looking forward to #4---and to you feeling better!

Christi B said...

I am just loving this.