Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I want to know if anyone else deals with this.

I have flies in my house, as I'm sure you do, but my question to you is this - do you feel like they are your personal insect that you must apologize for when others are in your home?

We had our LifeGroup at our house and, of course, there were a couple of flies buzzing around. I wanted to keep saying, "Pardon our flies we just can't do a thing with them."

It's not like we all don't deal with the fly problem, but for me, when they are in my house I feel like they are my responsibility and I must apologize for the inconvenience of this nuisance swarming the food. My own personal flies. Irritating aren't they?

Anyone deal with this problem: there is an annoying voice, buzzing in your head that says "You're not good enough." or "Remember what you did?” or even "Make sure you do everything right because you got to remember you are 'working out your salvation.'" Heard these?

I'm certain you could add to the list of irritating voices of the enemy swarming your mind. No amount of self-talk or apologies to the Father because of your "unworthiness" will ever get rid of the noise of the lies. No doubt we wish we had some sort of spiritual flyswatter to swat them down!

The enemy is out to kill, devour, destroy, lie and bring you down, BUT, this is not our personal problem. OK, it's our problem, but not our responsibility, or even within our ability to defeat him.

Do you realize that for every lie the enemy can throw at you the Father has a truth to replace it with? You are to pray for discernment to identify the lie and then seek the Word for the truth. Then, by the power of the Spirit and the discipline of your mind, He will begin to transform your mind with new thinking, and you will know the voice of God.

The "swatting down" of the enemy is the Son's responsibility, not ours. The Word says

"Resist the devil and he must flee, draw near to God
and he will draw near to you."

This passage is in the context of repentance, which is necessary and must be a part of identifying the lies and the fact that we believed the lie. I don't say this to shame us, nor does the Father. I say it to encourage you to RUN to Christ when you feel your weakest, when you don't understand, when you aren't satisfied with him, when you sense you are believing something that does not line up with the Word.

"How do I know if it does or does not line up with the Word?" you ask.

Read it, devour it, feast on the life-giving, bondage-breaking Word of God and let him deliver you from the annoying lies of the enemy. You do not have to make apologies for your accuser anymore, you let Christ take him out on your behalf so you may live free!

Have a "bug" free week,


Kim Heinecke said...

loved it.

Tammy said...

have you ever wondered why God made flies...just a passing thought from someone who lives on a farm...loved your post as always

Lauren said...

Wow- great insight!