Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If I Were An Olympian!!

When I am watching any event in the Olympics there is a strange feeling that begins to come about in me. As I watch, a sensation begins to mount that I could jump up and do that event with that kind of power and perfection! Do you know what I'm talking about? They twist and jump and do things that don't look natural, but I feel like I could do it.

Now, we all know that if I got out of my Lazy Boy, went outside, stuck my arms up in the air to let the neighbors know I am about to start my routine, and began to run across my lawn to do amazing flips...I'd land in the hospital.

It's the same feeling that my husband and I experience coming out of any movie that has any type of Karate (are there types?)...we actually begin to convince ourselves that we could do those moves of power! There is this thought that if I extend my leg like the hero, I will be able to actually do the maneuver that so easily knocked out the opponent. Alas, a pulled groin.

The Matrix was the best one yet. We saw the first one and seriously had supernatural strength after we saw the movie. We even experimented at home some of the moves that Neo did. We only found that we looked really stupid lifting up a leg that has no business even trying to extend past 10 inches off the ground. Our weaknesses exposed. Our foolishness uncovered.

Why do I think that I can somehow become an Olympic champion by just watching the event on TV? My mind tells me "I can see how this works surely my body will obey." My weaknesses exposed. My foolishness uncovered.

Why do I believe that I can become victorious in Christ just by watching others be victorious? My mind tells me, "I see how it works, surely my flesh will obey." My weaknesses exposed. My foolishness uncovered.

Lest you think I am going to liken our walk to the Olympics, I need not do that. Paul covered it. There is a place for striving and diligence. I want to liken our walk to the steadfast nature of anyone committed to anything. Athletes just happen to be the people we are most fixated on.
There is a steadfast nature about them that is not at it's peak 100% of the time. We see the peak of their training when we watch the Games. What we don't see is the times of slow, quiet concentration on their event.

Times of rest and refreshment.
Times of defeat and learning.
Times of study and patience.

Steadfast nature with Christ will have it's peaks of hard and diligent strivings for excellence. Times to really put forth all the efforts to be victorious. But, most of the time, we are to be steadfast in the journey. Find pleasure in the quiet moments of study and reflection. These are the times of strengthening for those moments of real testing. Daily, steadfast prayer and relationship is what will make us strong. Daily surrender to our Perfect Trainer and Friend.

These are the moments of victory. Our crown, our medal will come when the final Game is over!

Citius! Altius! Fortius! SWIFTER! HIGHER! STRONGER! Only in Christ!

Amen and Amen

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Lauren said...

Great post!

Yeah, while watching the 2000 Olympics, our oldest (who was not yet 2) stripped down to his diaper and tumbled across our den floor. Now that's all I think of when gymnastics is on.