Friday, June 20, 2008

Pack Up

This is the wrap up for our "camping trip!" I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the baggage we can carry around, but more than that I pray that you can let go of any that hold you down!

Okay, here's the deal. I can't shake the idea that God wants me to teach and learn about the temple. Not just what the Old Testament thing looked like, but what the heck does it mean for Believers in 2008!?!? Let me just say that I am REALLY EXCITED about all He has shown me over the last YEAR! You read that right...YEAR! And I can't wait to get into this. Just so you know, it might be a two or three week-er, but I think our time on this will be WELL worth it (I LIKE CAPITAL LETTERS)

Oh, momma, this is going to be so fun. BUT, I need a week to get it ready, SO, I'll be posting random devotions next Monday through Friday. I may have posted them before on my other blog, so if you've read them, well, read them again! HA! :)

Anyway, y'all have a spectabulous weekend and no more packing junk bags!

Stick with Gucci it's way more fashionable!

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Mary said...

I can't wait! I love studying Jewish cultre/customs and especially the temple.

2008 - Year of the Open Gate/Door and New Beginnings and Full Circle!!!