Thursday, June 19, 2008

Toasty Warm Can Cause Deep Sleep

Our final piece of luggage is today. It's not really a piece of luggage, but more of an accessory for sleep. You guess it, the sleeping bag.

I grew up going to church camp and sometimes we'd take full sheets and other times the good ol' sleeping bag was the only thing between me and the mosquitoes. Mmmm, climbing into a sleeping bag with the smell of Off in the air, what a treat indeed!

Again, Hampton Inn and Suites or a sleeping bag in a tent? Hmm, which one? Which one?

Let's pretend for a moment that I chose the sleeping bag. Let's pretend I like the sensation of sticking my feet down a black hole where a brown recluse or scorpion could be lurking. Let's say I enjoy the thin zipped up burrito around my torso. Let's just pretend for a moment, shall we?

So, there I am all tucked inside my little bag. Soft pillow at my head, all toasty warm and comfy. Something comes over me. It feels good. I'm getting more and more relaxed, tired, sleepy, apathetic.



Recently I've felt a bit of the warmth of an apathetic sleeping bag. Do you know the days where you really feel just okay? Not angry. Not frustrated. Not excited. Not anticipating much. Have you ever gone to the Lord and said, "Hmm, not much going on here Lord. I really can't think of what I need right now or anything that I need to hear. I'm pretty good down here. I know the Word and it feels pretty okay. Sooo, I'll be checking in later. Love ya!"


Anytime I feel like I could take or leave my quiet time or that I'm doing okay with the "big man," I get a gut feeling that something ain't quite right.

I'm more apt to really perk up quickly when I begin to feel this way and I force myself to become more and more in tune with Christ. Usually, it's a ploy of the devil. A little distraction. A little quiet in the life. A little walk down easy street. A little bit here and there and soon I'm on a completely different road! er in a completely different tent!

Don't get me wrong, I realize there is a time for peace and seasons of rest in the Lord. I've had those times. Still, they are active times with Christ. He is always the Prince of Peace ruling my heart and mind. He is always the Rabbi teaching me. He is always the Lord changing me.

I'm talking about moments in our lives where we can give a shrug of the shoulders and a ho-hum about life. Again, not angry, not upset, just, well apathetic.

That is the time we need to slap ourselves, unzip the bag, stand up and get down on our knees! "Father, what am I sleeping through? I got warm all in my bag and life is just going by me! Jesus, fill me with your Spirit and speak to me through your word! Don't let me become apathetic and miss the abundant life you promise!"

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full! -Jesus in John 10:10

That doesn't sound like spiritual sleeping to me! I want what Jesus promised. I want to know life to the full. So when I have a sleeping spell I am quick to be on guard against the enemy, against apathy, and against letting it go too long!

Roll up that sleeping bag and toss it back in the closet. Besides, why sleep in a sleeping bag when you have the Prince of Peace and the Hampton Inn!?

Father, we ask in the name of Jesus that if we are apathetic that you wake us up! You have promised abundant life and a life that you planned before we were born! Keep us aware of our calling, our purpose and our joy in your Spirit! You have too much to offer and we have to much to give to a lost world for us to curl up in our bag and snooze! Thank you for your grace and love and JOY!


lori said...

Girl...I lived a LONG time in apathetic ways...just typing that sounds B~aaaaa~d...Don't want to go back there...but the temptation is always there..gettin' a little toooo comfortable is SOOO easy...for me anyway...
I HAVE to stay on sleeping bag....bring in a few big ol' pinecones to lay on too...that should help!
I LOVED it...."what an I sleeping through...." Oh, I can't wait to share this with my 13 year old..and it WILL make a FABULOUS point to the 8th graders I teach at church...THEY LOVE the visual...
and I happen to have a sleeping bag or two!!
wanna borrow one? Heard you LOVE to camp!!;)

I'm taking away much more than I came with....
thank you so much for sharing...
and to do it ALL in heels... are good!!

Chelsey said...

Nat, thank you for this reminder. It is easy to fall into the "relaxed" state in our relationship with the Father. I have been there recently, and sometimes is really does take an ole' spider in the sleeping bag to jolt me back.

Thanks Natalie!

Robin Meadows said...

Good one, again! Keep it up---I'm lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

You should have preached this weekend for One Prayer.... :o)