Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Beloved

Well, how ya doin'? Been thinking much? Again, let me express to you this: I am so humbled and thankful that you keep coming back to this blog. It is my prayer that we all discover what has become our Impostor and what we can do about.

If you're just joining us, please scroll on down and see what we've been talking about. We are uncovering, er, admitting that we might have a tiny problem called "listening to Me" or, in other words, "listening to a bunch of lies!"

For those of you who commented on Wednesday's little quiz, I'm a bettin' that you're not alone. Those of you who didn't comment probably nodded your head, maybe even sighed, or thought "Blast!" If you didn't, that I praise God for you and the victory you're a liar.

After reading those comments, I want to make a proposal:

Yes, we are those things. Yes, we behave badly. Yes, we struggle and fight against that which displeases the Lord. Yes, yes, yes.

But, what if--what if we take a moment, look at her in the face, look at yourself in the face and all that you dislike, all that you find irritating, all that you find out of place, sinful, hypocritical and annoying and tell yourself that regardless of all that and all you think of yourself...

You are the Beloved of God.

Your Impostor IS you and YOU are the Beloved of God.

We might separate our beauty from our ugly, but Jesus does not. He sees us whole, a whole person with weaknesses and strengths; with pain and joy; with frailty and strength; with sin and holiness.

Over the weekend, every time you hear the voice of condemnation or commendation, tell yourself, "I am the Beloved." Every time you fear rejection or welcome applause; every time you are envious or humble; every time you are rude or gracious; every time you desire money or desire holiness tell yourself, "I am the Beloved." See if you don't begin to see yourself differently.

This is the challenge: If Christ's accepts all of us with all our imperfections, why don't we?

Next week we'll unpack that giant piece of baggage!

1 comment:

seesawfaith said...

Hey Natalie...

Just wanted to let you know that God started me on understanding a very weak spot in my life.

I guess focusing on myself for awhile really isn't too terribly selfish when it gives God a chance to heal me, grow me, and then send me out to do the same for others.

Looking forward to this week!