Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Identity Quiz

I got to thinking about all the different ways that we could discover whether or not we are controlled by our other "Me" and, quite honestly, I believe there are as many Me's as there are as many individuals reading this post. What I'm trying to say is that not all of us will exhibit the same weaknesses, the same failures, the same narcissistic ways, but we must at least look and see if there is indeed another voice, another Me calling some shots in our lives.

So, I devised a test. Because there are so many things in us that could stand against the truth of Christ, I tried to narrow it down a bit. Here are 15 things for you to read over. Chances are every one of us can nod our head in agreement to some of them.

Now, all I want you to do today is read over the 15 things and be very honest with yourself. If you can say yes, to I'd say three or more of these, chances are you listen to Me. Ready?

You might be Living with Me if you:

1. Feel annoyed by your actions....often.
2. Belittle and condemn yourself for not being able to maintain a Christ-like attitude.
3. Feel the rush from the applause of others.
4. Feel the pain of failure when others succeed.
5. Feel the shame when you step on the scale.
6. Desire popularity.
7. Fear what people think of you.
8. Feel the need to please others even if it's destructive.
9. Find purpose in busyness.
10. Define yourself by what you do.
11. Preoccupy yourself with what you have and don't have, do and don't do, feel and don't feel.
12. Lack real times of solitude with Christ and real intimacy with His Spirit.
13. No one makes you happy.
14. Can't forgive yourself.
15. Hate yourself.

Remember, this list is not exhaustive, although it may be exhausting. Where are you going with this? you ask. To a place of healing, not judgement. To a place of acceptance, not rejection. I want you to take the time to identify the pain, the reality that yes there is duplicity in our thinking. Yes we struggle with self-hatred and self-loathing. Can we at least admit that the struggle is real, but is it right? Is this duplicity something to hate? Or, is it something to embrace?

I dare say....we'll find out.


wedogmomma said...

Ouch...can I just say that I would rather post a picture online of MY ugly feet than admit to how many of these I related to!?!?

I actually said outloud.....
Oh, please make her stop typing!

Thank you..I have some amazing points to hand over tonight!

April said...

You can post the feet picture if I can say there were more yes' than I care to admit? No pain no gain, right? Thanks Natalie for a great post!

Mary said...


seesawfaith said...

Well just catalog my struggles and put them out there why don't you?


I'm all in, or I guess I should say, all "out" now huh?

Desiree said...

The most difficult person I live with is me! Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

becca said...

I agree Desiree. My life would be so much easier without "Me".