Friday, February 20, 2009

How to "Win" or "Lose"

At this point in my life, my Impostor is rather huge in one area. Not many, but there is one where she stands tall and wins much of the argument. However, I'm no fool, there is a way to make her shrink.

First, let me just go over some sure fire ways to make sure your Impostor stays right there on your couch with you eating your popcorn.

  • A) Stay out of the Word of God.
  • B) Never talk to anyone else about what's going on in your pretty little head.
  • C) Consider and ponder what's in that pretty little head more than you pray.
  • D) Gripe about your Impostor more than taking her to Jesus.

Got it. Good. I only write those because I'm so good at doing it. On the flip side, there are some sure fire ways to belittle your Impostor into submission to Christ.

  • A) Refer back to getting R.E.A.L.
  • B) Get your face in the Word and your heart in prayer.
  • C) Confess what holds you captive. There is such a power that comes with confession. It diffuses and diminishes that which seems so big and so real.
  • D) Stop feeding your Impostor by talking about what ails you all the time.
  • E) And finally, submit your whole heart to the power of the Holy Spirit. No matter how you feel or don't feel, the Holy Spirit is always at work. Trust Him.
We do not have time to be run by our Impostor's. We must die to it so that we can get on with living in Him. We weren't just saved to die to ourselves, but to live for Christ!

Over the weekend, take more time to be even more honest with Christ about what's going on in your head. Ask Him to direct you to the verses you need for battle and also what you need to do to humble let the Spirit have complete control.

I pray you have a blessed and freeing weekend!

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