Sunday, February 22, 2009

Would the Real You Please Stand Up

It's our final week for Living With Me. Although y'all may not comment, I know you're out there. This isn't really an interactive blog and is good for just having in your reader. I do hope that you were touch by something this month in Christ. I know that personally a lot has been happening, especially this past week and I hope to teach on it one day...but not now. I have much to sort through first! :)

So, with that said, thank you for being here. Thank you for reading and thank you for subscribing.

With our final week, I want to drive home the thing that will shrink your Impostor and foster the Real You in Christ. It's not rocket surgery and we've heard it before: Increase Christ.

That's it. In order for us to be set free from those things that hold us in bondage we must learn how to go to Christ, lay all of ourselves at His feet, engage with His Holy Spirit, and have Him increase Himself in us.

Sounds easy when you read it in your head, doesn't it? But, is it practical? How DO we go about increasing Christ and decreasing ourselves? What does that look like?

Well, in a word, humility.

Oh sheesh, you say, here she goes again with that dang word! I hope that's not what you're mumbling, but I just can't get around it. Humility to the power of Christ is the key. THE key. This key is what will cause you to decrease and Him to increase. And it's not like you disappear. In fact, it's quite the opposite. You come alive! You become strong, confident, powerful, loving, kind, free!
Humility in mind means being aware of His supremacy in your life regardless of what tries to be lord.

Humility in your heart means actively giving Him your love everyday.

Humility in spirit means knowing that His Spirit is at work regardless of how you feel. He does not stop working and transforming simply because you don't feel it. Humble yourself to this awesome truth.

Humility in flesh means submitting your life to His, your lusts to Him, your insecurities to Him...everything.

This humility is simply acknowledging that He is Lord and you are not. It's bowing yourself to Him in love, joy, and honor and then realizing that it is He who lifts you up.

This is so practical, but it does not go without effort. Make it a daily relationship with an active mind, heart, soul, and strength to make Him your single focus.

The Real You is Christ in You.


Debbie said...

This is something basic and yet not spoken of, often.
This is something i want to do Increase christ
Decrease self
Thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

I just read this one today and oh is it speaking to me!
You said, "In fact, it's quite the opposite. You come alive! You become strong, confident, powerful, loving, kind, free!"
I am so living this right now, every one of those words.!