Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Key #5-- Health of Body

Let's wrap up this study!

As we have learned, or bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. He operates in and through us and we, I hope, have discovered that this truth will affect all areas of our lives. We have come to the one that it should affect as well, but it just seems more difficult.

Let me pose a question: If the Holy Spirit is in our bodies, shouldn't they reflect that?

In other words, are broken, overweight bodies a good reflection of a person under the influence of the Holy Spirit?

Hear me out, I realized that we have an enemy and we are in a broken world that will not receive full, redemptive healing and "new bodies" until Jesus comes back. BUT, if our spirits, minds, heart, and souls can become healthy under the power of the Spirit, what's to say our bodies can't?

Our bodies can, and to some degree should, be a reflection of our humility to God. If we have very broken, overweight bodies that are never attended to, then there is something in our belief system that tells us we aren't worth it...and well, that's just a lie.

Just as brokenness in us can manifest as bitterness or unforgiveness, I believe brokenness and a faulty belief system about who we are can result in a broken and unfit body; a reflection of what we believe about ourselves.

Again, a little pudge is no sin, it's what is in the heart. How we treat our bodies might give us an indication of how much we believe the Spirit owns us and might show if we do love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Some reasons a healthy body is important:

-You will have a better and more healthy mind.

-You will have a better body to follow through with the calling of God.

-You will be using your temple to it's fullest to honor God and his calling.

-You can show the devil who owns your temple!

We know the reasons to be healthy physically. Shoot, Oprah can tell us that! But, think about why God might want our bodies healthy. Give it some time. Weigh the pros and cons to both.

What if your body was under his control?

What if you body was fit enough to do all you feel called to do and be?

What if you could say, "This entire body; heart, soul, mind, and strength are really his."?

Answer those questions and you might find that your sick of the world and the devil telling you how to treat your body.

Some Tips and Tricks

1. Get before Jesus and talk to him about this. Ask him if there is anything you need to confess, change, hear, or understand. Then, take the steps to obey.

2. GET A JOURNAL! I cannot stress enough the value of journaling!

3. Read some books. All sorts of books. Go to the library. Learn, ingest, understand.

4. Get an exercise program that works for you without taking up too much time or thought. We don't want to give our bodies too much attention in the name of "health".

5. Find a friend you can do this with. Talk about it, but don't obsess. Do what is necessary. Intense focus for a season might be necessary, but then get back on task of fulfilling God's calling.

Anything we give thought to that is more than our relationship with Christ is pert near idolatry.

6. Find out what you need to be focused on and how your health can facilitate your purpose. Write it down. "If I was healthy, I could do more with _____________________"

7. Start with some short goals. 2 weeks of _______. 4 weeks of __________. This is about changing our thoughts about our temples. New discipline for the work of the Spirit.

8. Plan your menu. Saves on budget and helps you make good choices.


10. Stay humbled before the Holy Spirit of Christ and remember this is so that he is glorified, you are satisfied, and his kingdom multiplied!

I hope that this journey (although I ended it very late!) was one you found truth in. I pray that we are a people that honor God in all ways, in all areas, to the fullest!

I love you guys!!


"Lose it for Life" by Stephen Arterburn. Sooooo good!

"The Maker's Diet" by Jordan S. Rubin

"The Seven Pillars of Health" by Don and Mary Colbert A personal goal setting website GREAT Pilates program. I love it!


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Tam said...

its so true. the times im exercising regularly, my mind is much sharper. and with a sharper mind comes better judgment and decision making.